In this tutorial I’m going to be sure you guys how to enable concurrent desktop sessions in Windows 7 as you can see I’m already remote connected to my Windows 7 computer, now if I try to remote access this same PC using a different username it will give me message that another user is currently logged on to this computer if you continue it will disconnect the remote session or any user currently logged on to the computer.

1. To enable concurrent desktop sessions in Windows 7  is really simple all you need to do is download Termsrv.dll patch.

2. Before running the patch make sure you know what type OS you are using. because the folder contains several type of patch for different type operating systems.

3. Run this Termsrv.dll patch. Im running Windows 7 32-bit soI will run the universal terms patch x86.

4. On the Universal Termsrv.dll Patch window click on patch, OK, then re-start

5. Once the computer restart it will be enabled for multiple remote sessions.