How to Download Google Play Apps to Your PC

Have you ever wonder how to download .apk’s from Google play store to your PC?  Some of this apps are not available in some countrys. So today you can download your apk to your computer using a free online tool, the good thing is there is no maximum file size meaning you can download any valid apps using this tool.

1. Go to the Apk Downloader by Evozi.

2. Then go to Google Play Store and find the app you want to download, click on it and copy the link from your browser.

3. Then return to apk downloader page (step 1) and paste the link in the blank space and click on Generate Download Link.

4. After the link is generated you can see details about that app and a new download link, click on it.

5. Now the file will be downloaded and saved to your default downloads location and you can now use it for your own purposes.

Video Tutorial:

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How to Reset any Windows PC Password – Free!!

if your computer is locked then you would need another computer to perform this task.

1. Download Hiren’s BootCD Zip File.

2. Extract it, to expose the content of the Zip file.

3. Locate the .ISO or Disc Image File. We need to burn the .ISO onto a disc.

a. If you are using Window 8 or 8.1 right click the .ISO and select Burn disk image.

b. If you are using Windows 7 just double click the .ISO Image.

4. Now select the Disc burner from the drop down, check mark Verify disc and Burn to create a disc out of that ISO file.

5. Once done, on the computer that is Locked you need to Change First Boot Device in BIOS to Boot From CD/DVD.

6. Once you have changed the boot order, on the locked computer place the newly created Hire’s Boot CD in the disk drive of the Locked PC and re-start it.

7. You’ll be prompted to “Press any key to boot from CD/DVD“. Press the Enter key on your keyboard.

8. When you press the Enter key you’ll be prompted with the Hire’s boot Menu. There select Mini Windows XP using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

9. From the Mini Windows XP Desktop navigate to My Computer to locate the drive letter of your Local Disk. In this example my Local Disk is assigned the Letter D:

10. Once you have located the drive letter of your Local Disk. Close My Computer window.

11. From the desktop click on the HBCD Menu icon, On the following window click on Programs.

12. From the drop-down menu select Passwords / Keys -> Windows Login -> NTPWEdit (Reset XP/Vista /7 Password, it doesn’t say Windows 8 but it works to reset both Windows 8 and […]

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How to Remote Access Your Android from Your Pc

Accessing your android phone from your computer is very easy and at the same time very useful, because you can also share files between them. So today you can remote access your Android using an app called Air Droid works on a local area network. The setup process is simple, taking roughly five minutes and little to no technical knowledge.
Install Air Droid and Remote Access you Android:
1. On your android phone download Air Droid from Play Store.

2. Open the downloaded app and check the IP address on the second text field box, and type that IP on your PC browser bar and press enter.

3. After that it will ask you to accept the connection and shows you an example on how to do it, just click accept on your phone.

4. After accepting the request it will open a page which helps you view detailed info about your phone.

5. Also in there on left side of the screen you have phone installed apps that you can access and make changes.

6. If you want to disconnect your phone from the connection you can just press disconnect on your phone.

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Usable Memory is less than the Installed Memory – Windows 7

Some users may have problems when it comes to the amount of ram installed on their computer. Example: you have 8 GB of ram installed but Windows 7 is using only 5 GB Usable Memory, that problem is very common.

1. Press the Windows + R keys to open run command and type msconfig and press enter.

2. Select Advanced options under Boot tab.

3. Check mark Maximum Memmory option and type the amount you want to use and press Ok and restart your pc to see the changes.

This is expected behavior on computers that are running Windows 7.

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Use your Android Device as a Secondary Monitor

Everyone says that 2 is better than 1 , but not everyone have space or budget for a secondary monitor. Lets set your android device as a secondary monitor for free.

1. On your computer Download and install Splashtop.

2. Once  installed, go to the Play Store on your Android device search and install Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop.

3. Open the app and create a new Splashtop Account.

4. On your pc open the splashtop software and enter the new account you created on your android device and login.

5. Then get back on your device and the pc you are going to use is going to appear so click on it.

That’s it now you are using your Droid device as a second monitor.

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How To Delete Gmail or Google Account

So you have decided that you don’t need your Gmail anymore, here’s how you can delete Gmail or Google Account.

Note: that deleting a “Google” account is the same as deleting a “Gmail” account.

1. Sign in to your Google account.

2. Click on your image or email and select Account from the dropdown.

2. From the top Nav, click Data tools.

3. In the Data Tools box, click Delete products.

4. Click Delete account to delete Gmail permanently.

Video Tutorial:

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Mount a Flash Drive on Your Android Device

If you need to expand your storage your droid device and you don’t have an SD card slot you can do it using a USB stick and a usb otg (on the go) cable.

What you will need:

A rooted android device and 2 apps installed : Stick Mount and Usb Otg Checker.

First install and run usb otg checker app to check if your phone supports otg cable (if you get an positive result you can go further , if you get an negative one this will not work)

Plug in the usb otg cable.

Then plug in the USB on the cable.

Open an file explorer (we are using Es File Explorer) and in there you will find a folder called usbStorage, open it.

In there you will see all the contents on your usb drive.

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How to Reset Local Security Policy Settings to Default in Windows XP and Vista

Have you ever gotten a computer second-hand? Maybe from a company that was shutting down or from someone who no longer needed theirs? Ideally, you would want to simply reformat the computer and start from scratch, right?

However, that’s not always the case. Let’s say you get a computer that has Windows XP or Windows Vista already installed, but you don’t have the original CD that came with the computer. So you really can’t reformat computer without risking Windows not activating properly.

So what’s the problem with just leaving it the way it is? Well, sometimes when you get a computer, it may have been part of an Active Directory environment, which means it was subject to Group Policies.

Even if you remove the computer from the domain and put it into a workgroup, the local security policies that were changed will not be removed. This can be very annoying because local security policies include settings like preventing users from installing printers, restricting who can use the CD-ROM drive, requiring a smart card, restricted logon hours, password requirements and more!

These are all great in a corporate environment, but will cause all kinds of grief to a normal computer user. So what you can do to solve this problem is to reset the local security settings to their default settings.

The way this can be done is by using the default security configuration templates that come with all versions of Windows XP and Vista. This may sound too technical, but all you have to do is run one command.

First, click on Start, Run and then type in CMD. Now copy and paste the following command into the window:
secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\repair\secsetup.inf /db secsetup.sdb /verbose
If you are running Windows Vista and […]

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Enable Concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions in Windows 7

In this tutorial I’m going to be sure you guys how to enable concurrent desktop sessions in Windows 7 as you can see I’m already remote connected to my Windows 7 computer, now if I try to remote access this same PC using a different username it will give me message that another user is currently logged on to this computer if you continue it will disconnect the remote session or any user currently logged on to the computer.

1. To enable concurrent desktop sessions in Windows 7  is really simple all you need to do is download Termsrv.dll patch.

2. Before running the patch make sure you know what type OS you are using. because the folder contains several type of patch for different type operating systems.

3. Run this Termsrv.dll patch. Im running Windows 7 32-bit soI will run the universal terms patch x86.

4. On the Universal Termsrv.dll Patch window click on patch, OK, then re-start

5. Once the computer restart it will be enabled for multiple remote sessions.


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ByPass Windows XP Login Password Without Third Party Software

Changed the password and now you don’t remember it. or you have been locked out of your own Computer unable to work. Don’t Worry, this Video tutorial will guide you to getting back on track without a Disk, program, or Hack. Using an administrator account Hidden in Windows XP.

Forgot the Password:

At the Logon Screen press Ctrl+Alt+Delete twice.The log on Window will change.
In the new Logon window use Administrator as User name and leave blank the Password section and Click OK.
Once logged in as Admin.Click on Start, Control Panel, User Accounts.
Select the User that you have forgotten the Password.
Then click Remove password on the Confirmation window.
Log off as Administrator and log in as the User.
Click Remove the password

Locked out:

Right click my computer and Click Manage
Expand users and groups.
Then click on users folder, this will display all the users on the right pane.
Right click on the user name that is locked out and go to properties.
This will open up the user settings and remove the check mark “account is locked out”.

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