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How to Update LG G2 to Official Lollipop firmware using Flashtool


LG G2 is a former flagship phone from LG with. LG G2 was initially launched with Jelly Bean 4.2.2  in August 2013, but went on to receive updates till KitKat long ago. Now, the LG G2 Lollipop update is also out, and we’ve got the download links and a full guide to help you with installation.

LG G3 was the first flagship phone from LG which received its Lollipop update — and for the moment, that shocked many of us as LG left behind the likes of Samsung, Sony, etc. to Lollipop update. But anyway, LG G2’s wait is also over now, and its users can taste the Lollipop too. The Lollipop update also brings changes to LG’s own UI, the same as it is on G3 currently, while the performance of G2 as good as G3 too.

However, this Lollipop firmware comes in the form of a KDZ file. These KDZ files consist of firmware for LG devices. To install any firmware from LG, you have use the KDZ file in a particular software — LG Flashtool — and follow a procedure to update the device, like we’ve written down below.

Here is a simple guide which would help you successfully flash this KDZ file and update LG G2 D802 to Lollipop.


Supported Models:

  • LG G2, model no. D802 (international model)
  • Do not try this on any other variant of G2 or any other phone whatsoever


Disclamer: Installing an official firmware through LG flashtool doesn’t void your device’s warranty, but it remains an unofficial process and thus you need to be cautious of it. In any case, you only are responsible for your device. We won’t be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.

Backup important files stored on your device before proceeding with the steps below, so that in case something goes wrong you’ll have backup of all your important files. Sometimes, Odin installation may delete everything on your device!

  1. Make sure you have latest LG Drivers installed. It’s required so there is proper communication between phone and PC.
  2. Enable USB debugging on your device. For this:
    • Go to Settings >About phone, and then tap build no. 7 times.
    • Now, go back to Settings > Developer options, and find and use the toggle button to enable ‘USB debugging’.
  3. Download the firmware, Flashtool and Visual runtime file from above.
  4. Install the Visual C++ Runtime Library so that Flashtool works fine.
  5. Extract the Flashtool file. you will have the files as shown below.
    LG G2 Lollipop Update Fashtool
  6. Put your LG G2 into download mode now. To do this:
    1. Power Off your phone
    2. Now, while pressing both volume buttons, connect your phone to PC using the USB cable. In a moment, G2 will boot into download mode, with Firmware Update written at top. Drivers could start installing on PC, let them. And btw, if this process fails in your first attempt, try again.
  7. Now transfer the firmware file .kdz format to the LG Flashtool 2014 folder. We need it in the same folder we have the LGFlashtool2014.exe, that’s why.
  8. Double click on LGFlashtool2014.exe file to run the flashtool.
  9. On flashtool, make sure that option selected under ‘Select Type’ dropdown is CDMA. And that PhoneMode is DIAG.
  10. Now, click the icon to the right most part of ‘Select KDZ file’ and the select the firmware file: LG G2 D80230b_00.kdz
  11. Make an important selection now, between what kind of installation you are looking for, Normal Flash or CSE Flash. CSE Flash deletes everything, like apps and games, their data and even the internal storage, thus preferred when you have custom ROM installed currently, while Normal flash keeps your data but is recommended only if you are already on LG firmware and have not modified it. Choose CSE Flash for proper installation, but if you are not on custom ROM, you can safely choose normal flash.
    LG G2 Lollipop update flash mode
  12. Once you click on the Flash mode of your choice, you will get the screen below. Click on START button.
    LG Flashtool START
  13. You will get a new screen, where you need to select the Country and Language. Before this, though, it’s best to disconnect from Internet. And also, disable your Antivirus software on PC. Then, select your Country and Language, and then click OK button.
  14. The installation will begin. If in case an error occurs, retry from the beginning and make sure everything is OK. Once successful, click exit. Now that you have successfully flashed the firmware, reboot your phone if it doesn’t automatically. The first restart will take more time than usual, so have patience.


Create a Recovery Partition of Windows 8.1 or 10 and Restore From it.

All of the brand name computers comes with a hidden recovery partition. Which is great if you want to restore your computer to factory settings, but a lot of us built our own PC we would also like to have a system recovery partition too right, in case of a virus or slowness? Here is how:

Download, install and run AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

Creating the Recovery Partition:

Select OneKey System Backup.


Now Select A: Backup system to AOMEI OneKey Recovery partition. If you would like to create recovery partition on an external drive or USB Select Option B.


Like most users I only have one drive. I’ll select it to create the partition there and click next.


OneKey Recovery will provide you with a preview of how your hard drive partitions currently looks and how is going to be after creating the recovery partition. Click Start Backup button.


Click yes if prompted to re-start.


Once it re-start, OneKey Recovery will start marking the recovery partition on your C: drive.


Once the recovery partition is ready, “The system backup is completed successfully” message will appear on the screen, giving you 5 seconds to re-start. The time it takes to create a recovery partition depends on how much data you have stored on your C: drive.


Restoring From the Recovery Partition:

On start up AOMEI will add an entry on the bootloader that says: “Enter into AOMEI OneKey Recovery“. This will show up for 3 seconds. If you are not careful you might miss it.

When you see it press the down arrow key on your keyboard to select it and press enter.


A Pop up will come up asking if you need to restore your system? click yes. if the pop up doesn’t show you can click on OneKey System Recovery.


Now it will auto detect your system Hard drive ( if you have just one drive) and tell you that it will be overwritten with the infornation in the recovery partition. Click Start Restore. to restore to the date you created the recovery partition.


This process might take some time depending on how much data needs to be restored.


Once done Click finish and your PC has been restored. That’s it.


Video Tutorial:


How to transfer emails, contacts from Mozilla Thunderbird client to MS Outlook 2010

How do you really export all your emails, contacts from Thunderbird email client to Microsoft Outlook email client? I know this task is not that easy. I spent some time to research and the steps that were proposed did not make too much sense. I did not want to download a bunch of different tools to accomplish this simple task.

Here is how I did it J

  1. You need to download this fantastic tool = MailStore Home – download from here
  2. Install it on your computer where the Thunderbird and Outlook are installed
  3. Once installed, run the MailStore Home tool and select ARCHIVE MAIL
  4. Now from the menu select Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Follow up the wizard and select your Thunderbird Email profile you want to Export
  2. Wait till the Process of Export is Finished

Once your export completed, you will notice that the profile is created where you can see all your emails and folders in same structure as you have in your Thunderbird email client.

Click on the “PLUS” next to the created profile and you can now browse and search your emails. This is great as you right now created a searchable archive of your emails and you have many options what to do with it. You can EXPORT the archive to DVD and save it in safe location for archive purposes as well as you can now export/import the emails to different email clients.

  1. Right click on the Profile
  2. Click EXPORT To
  3. Select Microsoft Outlook as this is the destination where I want to import my email
  4. New import wizard pops up and just follow up the simple steps and let it finish

Once the Export/import completed … you will have your all emails, folder structure imported into Microsoft Outlook client. It will be under one Folder MailStoreArchive from where you can easily move them and sort out as you wish. This part will complete the export of emails from Thunderbird to Microsoft email client.

Export contacts items:

Contacts part is different as Thunderbird is limited to 3 formats and only 2 of them are supported by Microsoft Outlook. Here are steps how I did it in my case:

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird email client
  2. Go to Tools > Address Book from the Thunderbird’s main window
  3. After having selected the address book, Go to Tools > Export

  1. The Export Address Book dialog will open, and let you pick a file name, location and the file format for your exported format
  2. Select the Comma Separated (*.csv) and click SAVE
  3. It will export your Contacts to single csv file
  4. Now open your Microsoft Outlook email client ( I have MS Outlook 2010 but it works with previous versions too)
  5. Click FILE, click OPEN and Select Import


  6. In the Import Wizard window select Import from another program or file and click NEXT
  7. Select Comma Separated Values (DOS) and click NEXT
  8. Now Navigate to your desktop location where you have saved the CSV file with contacts
  9. Select Do Not Import Duplicates and click NEXT
  10. Select the destination, click on Contacts and NEXT
  11. In next windows just keep all defaults and click NEXT till you finish the import
  12. Once completed check your Microsoft Outlook Contacts, you should now have all contacts imported into your Outlook
  13. Now you can Uninstall Mozilla Thunderbird email client from your machine and happy using MS Outlook for your emails J

This is it; the export from Mozilla Thunderbird email client to Microsoft Outlook 2010 is now completed. Leave  a comment if you like it or if you have issue with the steps :-)

Na scéně je další podvodný e-mail, tentokrát České Spořitelny

Pravděpodobně od minulého týdne se začal šířit další podvodný e-mail, který upozorňuje na vypršení přístupu do internetového bankovnictví České spořitelny. Pomocí odkazu, který vede na stránku se škodlivým kódem, je pak uživatel nabádán k aktualizaci svého účtu. Více informací o této podvodné zprávě naleznete na stránkách České spořitelny. A opět samozřejmě platí: na žádný odkaz neklikat a podobné zprávy okamžitě mazat!

Vzor podvodné zprávy
Klikněte sem pro zobrazení plné verze

Vánoční pohlednice se zavirovanou přílohou

Autoři v nové vlně podvodných e-mailů využívají pro šíření škodlivého kódu vánoční tematiky a uživatelům zasílají elektronické pohlednice. V samotném těle e-mailu se nachází pouze informace, že jste obdrželi pohlednici a e-mail dále obsahuje přílohu pohlednice.zip. Přílohu v žádném případě nestahujte, neotevírejte a zprávu rovnou smažte! Obsahuje totiž škodlivý kód, který detekujeme jako další variantu Win32/TrojanDownloader.Elenoocka.A od verze virové databáze 10938.

Vzor zprávy:

Pohlednice veselé Vánoce: 479578

Typ: Elektronické pohlednice
ID: 479578
Od: Bohumír Zámečník
Přílohy: pohlednice.zip


na daném stroji promažte všechny složky s dočasnými soubory (Temp) a spusťte hloubkovou kontrolu počítače. Více informací o infiltraci naleznete ve virové encyklopedii: http://virusradar.com/en/Win32_TrojanDownloader.Elenoocka.A/description

Fiktivní objednávka z obchody24.cz obsahuje škodlivý kód

V nové vlně podvodných e-mailů její autoři rozesílají uživatelům informace o fiktivní objednávce provedené na internetovém obchodu obchody24.cz. V těle e-mailu se nachází informace, že objednávka byla přijata a fakturu společně s platebními informacemi naleznete v příloze. Přílohu v žádném případě nestahujte, neotevírejte a zprávu rovnou smažte! Obsahuje totiž škodlivý kód. Pokud jste na daném eshopu skutečně prováděli objednávku, důkladně si zkontrolujte, že objednané zboží odpovídá vaší objednávce.

Pokud máte aktivní technologii ESET Live Grid, pokus o stažení infikované přílohy bude zablokován již nyní. Produkty ESET škodlivý kód detekují standardními technikami od verze virové databáze 10999 jako další variantu Win32/TrojanDownloader.Elenoocka a Win32/Kryptik.CVBD.

Vzor zprávy:

Vážená paní, vážený pane,
děkujeme za projevenou důvěru v internetové obchody obchody24.cz.
Tímto emailem potvrzujeme, že jsme v pořádku přijali vaši objednávku.

Číslo objednávky (variabilní symbol): M5E82635AC42484
Datum a čas objednávky: 10.01.15 52:52
Kontaktní údaje:
Chaoki Nasreddin
+420 605 852 382

Vaše objednávka:
Leadtek WinFast A360-TD128, FX5700, 128 MB DDR,TV, DVI, VIVO, bílá: 1 x 3 343,00 Kč =3 343,00 Kč
Doúprava PPL: 111 Kč
Celková cena nákupu vč. DPH: 3 454,00 Kč
Způsob platby: Platba předem – platební karta
Poznámka: Potvrzení platby a fakturu najdete v přiloženém souboru (invoice426F4C5.zip)

Nyní prosím vyčkejte na našeho operátora,
který se s vámi spojí maximálně do 1 pracovního dne a dohodne podrobnosti ohledně Vaší objednávky.


pokud jste soubor s příponou .src spustil, proveďte kontrolu počítače v Nouzovém režimu prostřednictvím nástroje ESET Online Scanner.

E-mail obsahoval přílohu – dvakrát zazipovaný archiv se spustitelným soubore scr (jinak přípona pro spořič windows), který, pokud byl spuštěn (kromě zobrazení jistého nesouvisejícího textového dokumentuv rtf), stáhnul (snad až po několika minutách čekání) z internetu další škodlivý kód – bankovní malware Tinba, soubor s názvem spcommon.exe do adresáře „C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\SpeechEngines“ a své spuštění si zajistí zápisem do klíče Run v registrech.




View Saved WiFi Passwords on Android

Almost every WiFi network is password secured and when you want to access the network admin will  say that he needs to type the password, so you can’t see it. But you can view all saved WiFi passwords by having root access on your device and do that for free so follow this tutorial.

1. You need Root Access so make sure you have an app called SuperSU installed on your phone indicating that you are rooted.

Wi-Fi Passwords on Android 1

2. If the SuperSU is there you may proceed with the next step which is going to Play Store and search for WiFi key recovery and Install it.

Wi-Fi Passwords on Android 2

3. When is finished installing you can search for that app on your phone and open it.

Wi-Fi Passwords on Android 3

4. After is opened it will ask you to grant root access so of course you need to press Grant.

Wi-Fi Passwords on Android 4

5. There all your saved passwords will apear and with 3 tabs. SSID-the name of the network , PSK-the password of that network and Key MGMT-the security type of that network.

Wi-Fi Passwords on Android 5

How to Transfer Windows 8.1 to a New Hard Drive

To transfer Windows 8.1 to a new hard drive is extremely simple the hardest part would be installing the hard drive. Copying Windows 8.1 to a new HDD will eventually save a hell lot of time, you don’t have to install all programs and configure settings from scratch.

To Migrate Windows 8.1 to a new Hard Drive:

1. Install your new hard drive on your computer and make sure is installed.

2. Download and install Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14.

3. Once installed run Hard Disk Manager 14, click yes to the UAC if prompted.

4. Select Migrate OS from the menu to run the Wizard.

Migrate windows 81 to an SSD 3

5. Read the welcome screen and click next.

Migrate windows 81 to an SSD 1

6. The Wizard will auto detect the installed drives. It will show you that is going to copy  your Local Disk C: To: the new hard drive you have installed which in this case is Disk 1.

7. If you wish to Use all available space for the OS partition you can check mark the option next to it. That option is optional. Click on copy button.

Migrate windows 81 to an SSD 2

8. The copy process can take a long time depending on how much data you have stored on your Local Disk C:

9. Once done it will provide you with a brief explanation in case you are keeping both drives. In my case I’m only keeping the new hard drive so all we have to do is just turn off the computer, remove the source disk, and keep the  new hard drive which is the destination Drive and turn the computer back on.

transfer windows 8

9. In case you didn’t check mark Use all available space for the OS partition on the paragon cloning wizard and you wish to use the full space of the hard drive, you could go to Disk management and re-claim that partition.

10. By right click Computer, Manage, Disk Management, Right click C: Drive, Extend Volume…, Next to the wizard, next again, and finish the wizard to Use all available space for the OS partition.

Video Tutorial:


How to Export Thunderbird Email to MS Outlook

If you run your own business and want to cut your expenses, you can use Mozilla Thunderbird, a free email client, to manage your company email accounts. As your business grows, you might decide to switch to Microsoft Office Outlook for a more powerful solution. Fortunately, it’s possible to export your email from Thunderbird and import it into Outlook, and you don’t have to purchase third-party software to get the job done.

Step 1Launch Mozilla Thunderbird.

Step 2Open the folder with the messages you want to export from Thunderbird.

Step 3Select the messages you want to export. Press and hold the „Ctrl“ key and click on the emails to select multiple items, or press „Ctrl-A“ to select all messages in the folder.

Step 4Right-click one of the selected emails and choose „Save As“ from the context menu.

Step 5Select a folder in which to save the messages as EML files and click „Select Folder“ to export the messages.

Step 6Launch Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Step 7Right-click the „Outlook“ folder and select „New Folder“ from the context menu.

Step 8Type a name for the new folder in the „Name“ box and click „OK“ to create the folder.

Step 9Select the new folder. It doesn’t contain any emails yet, so the middle pane is empty.

Step 10Select all the emails that you exported from Thunderbird. As you did before, hold „Ctrl“ and click multiple items or press „Ctrl-A“ to select all items.

Step 11Click and drag the emails to the middle pane of Outlook 2010 to import them into the new folder. The emails will appear in the folder after the import is complete.


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